Wolf Creek Resort development plan

Planning Commission recommends approval of rezoning to support a commercial core.

At the July 2015 meeting of the OVPC, Wolf Creek’s request to rezone was recommended to the County Commission for approval. Key concepts include:

  • John Lewis and his team worked extensively with the community to propose what the residents wanted. Many showed up in support and none showed up in opposition.
  • The intention of the rezone is to support a commercial core for the resort and in the area. It will include a mix of residential, retail, hotel, and a club house for the golf course combined with a community center for residents and visitors.
  • The commercial area zone will be expanded into an open space area (zone O-1) where the driving range is. All of the expansion is to support a club house/community center and the parking it will need. The driving range will be moved to the north.
  • An exchange of other residential zone means there is no net loss in open space or O-1 zoning.
  • Part of the golf course will be rezoned from residential to open space.

The Wolf Creek Resort development plan continues to progress. http://www.co.weber.ut.us/mediawiki/index.php/Wolf_Creek_Resort_Community_Input_to_Future_Development_Information.