Preserving our rural and natural heritage

The Ogden Valley Land Trust is our lead organization for preserving open space through conservation easements. Anyone interested in preserving farm land, wildlife habitats, rivers and streams and open space should support the Land Trust.

Link to the Land Trust website

Steve Clarke sent a note to the County Commissioners containing this about open space in the Valley. ( 5/15/2015)

Open Space is crucial… to our personal well-being, our economy, and our society.  Your support of the current General Plan effort for the Ogden Valley is greatly appreciated and is moving along well, with unusual amounts of citizen participation.  Open Space is an important part of that planning.  Thank You!

I recommend we start now to manage and procure open space.  I was impressed by the Salt Lake County open space team when they presented to the combined Ogden Valley and West Weber Planning Commissions some time ago.  I think we should follow their lead.  They saw the need, bonded, and managed procurement for the County as a whole.

Need: I’m aware Ogden City has been building an open space plan; the unincorporated areas of Weber County could do the same.

Bonding: I favor a county wide bond with the marketing of the bond to be done by groups like Ogden Valley Land Trust.

Management: I favor a county run open space management team and process to prioritize and procure land.  The role of the Ogden Valley Land Trust and other similar groups in the County could be negotiated.

Thanks for your leadership!  Stephen D. Clarke