Welcome to GEM

We hope you find value in the Ogden Valley GEM Committee website. It’s purpose is to serve as a resource for information accumulated about land use planning in Ogden Valley. For example, click on this link to access Weber County land use code where you can see how zones and ordinances govern development.

But most importantly, the site is to support those who are inspired to do what they can do to retain the things we love about the Valley (which are pretty well expressed in our General Plan). The Ogden Valley population is a rapidly growing and rapidly changing mix of full and part time residents combined with visitors from the Wasatch Front and beyond. Housing units could grow rapidly and the potential build-out numbers are astoundingly high.

The GEM philosophy is simple

Growth in our Valley is inevitable. For those of us who love the Valley, the moral mandate is to do whatever we can to reach for a community of excellence as we go up the growth curve.

Planning decisions made today will directly and immediately affect the Valley we know and love. The speed that development of the Valley occurs will determine what the Valley will be in our lifetimes. Some decisions will stimulate rapid development and others will slow it down, and every decision will affect our quality of life.

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