Nordic Valley Expansion Plans

2018 Nordic Valley expansion plans are gigantic

June 2018 Nordic Valley owners unveiled their  plans to expand Nordic Valley from 140 acres on private land by developing facilities on some 3,300 acres of roadless National Forest between Nordic Valley and North Ogden. For the “greater good”, the Nordic Valley Plans for Expansion was submitted Forest Service as a request for “special use” December 2018. Take a few minutes to digest the magnitude of the Nordic expansion proposal that intends…

(1) …converting our most accessible roadless National Forest, currently managed with watershed priority, into one of Utah’s largest resorts, and certainly Utah’s largest low altitude resort (the highest point being at the level of Snowbird and Alta parking lots). Check out this science-based analysis of what climate warming is likely to do.

(2) …expanding lift capacity from 1,030 to 11,380 guests (+1000%). This would be more than the guests currently hosted by Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley combined…a doubling of current users; it would be a resort with roughly the same number of guests Park City/Canyons hosts today.

(3) …expanding parking from 404 vehicles on the Eden side to 3,845 (+900%). This means an additional 7700 vehicles a day on our roads; compare this to 8500 vehicles now traversing Ogden Canyon on a weekend winter day (2017 data) or 14,200 total vehicles per day in and out of the Valley (2017 data).

(4) …expanding snowmaking from 11 million gallons on 31 acres to 223 million gallons on 450 acres (+1900%). The idea is to pump water from Pineview and “consume” 28% of what they pump (consuming 191 acre feet ; +466% consumption).

(5) …expanding from 5093 to 166,500 square feet of non-housing buildings (+3200%), expanding from 592 restaurant seating capacity to twelve thousand (+1900%), most of it on-mountain, and increasing electricity consumption from 1.5 megawatts to 15.5 megawatts (+900%),

(6)….cut 20+ miles of roads into a roadless section of National Forest to service 13 new lifts 708 acres of ski runs and snowmaking equipment. Much of this would occur in an area identified in the General Plan as some of our “most visible viewshed”.

(7)…allow a resort larger than Snowbasin without a plan for handling culinary water, wastewater, runoff water, landslide, wildlife, watershed, traffic, or guest housing. Apparently this comes later.

If successful, the expanded Nordic Valley would about double the number of winter guests we now have across all our resorts on our very busiest days…they estimate about half would come from the Eden side.

This project is so massive it could easily overwhelm Ogden Valley.