Utilities & Services


Vision: We want utilities and public services to adequately provide for the current and long-term needs of the community. We  want Weber County and other governmental agencies to provide infrastructure and services to support local roads and streets, paths and trails, and schools and parks.

Goals and principles to guide expansion of utilities & public services.

Goal one is to understand the hydrology, service areas, capacities, facilities and planning for water and sewer services, applying principles of (1) Although Weber County has no direct regulatory role, the County should support communication among water and sewer service providers to coordinate the planning for and delivery of culinary water and sewer services in a manner that pursues the possibility of an eventual valleywide sewer and water system plan, (2) Weber County will require that adequate water and sewer services are available as a condition of approval of all future developments, and (3) Support conservation of water resources.

Goal two is to encourage alternatives to septic drainfield systems, applying the principle of  New developments in the village areas and the resort areas should be connecting to existing sewer facilities or provide limited-capacity sewage treatment facilities for identified service areas. The facilities should be designed to be expandable to accommodate additional development in the village or resort areas. New residential developments not proximate to existing sewer service areas should employ clustering and provide limited capacity advanced sewage treatment facilities.

Goal three is to improve surface and stormwater management in Ogden Valley, applying principle (1) Weber County should pursue a program to construct swales or improve natural swales in the more rural areas of the Valley to intercept overland flows outside the development areas, and (2) Provide for the planning, design, and construction of more advanced and attractive retention and detention facilities to minimize off-site stormwater effects.

Goal four is to reduce impacts of utility construction and operation in the Valley, applying principles (1) Plan future electric utilities to reduce visual impacts and (2) Require appropriate mitigation of the impacts of all utilities,

Goal five is to improve public safety in Ogden Valley, applying principles of (1) Educate the public regarding life safety, including fire prevention and fire codes and (2) Maintain the ability of the community to respond promptly, efficiently, and effectively in the event of a major natural or human‐-caused disaster.