Vision: We want a transportation system that enhances mobility, reduces congestion, and meets air quality standards without disturbing existing land uses. We want it to have an active transportation component that connects and enhances bike and pedestrian facilities throughout the region.

Goals and principles for developing our transportation infrastructure…

Goal one is to ensure that Ogden Valley has a transportation system that enhances mobility and connectivity, reduces congestion, and meets air quality standards without disturbing existing land uses, applying principles of (1) Revise the draft TMP to respond to the values and vision of Valley residents, (2) Provide for maintenance-efficient road design that minimizes the number of Valley road miles, steep grades, and poor drainage, (3) Support the development of on-street, street-adjacent, or street-alternative active transportation facilities and infrastructure as an integral part of the Valley’s transportation system, and (4) Support development of regularly scheduled public transit into and out of the Valley.

Goal two is to support maintenance of efficient and functional gateways into the Valley, applying principles of (1) Coordinate with UDOT on planning for all highways affecting the Valley to inform UDOT decision making on timing and locations of investments in state highways that serve us, and (2) Ensure that planning for Ogden Canyon recognizes its importance as a historical and recreational visitor destination, protects the historic, cultural, recreational and natural resources of the Canyon, and respects the rights of Canyon residents.

Goal three is to provide roads and streets in Ogden Valley that enhance community character, applying the principle of Ensuring that Ogden Valley roads and streets have a cohesive design that promotes traffic calming and enhances community character.