Parks & Rec

Ogden Valley PARKS AND RECREATION (chapter 8)

Vision: We want a park system that can host a variety of recreational and educational opportunities for all ages. We want a trail network that cohesively connects parks to other recreational, educational, or commercial areas. And we want facilities that enhance the user experience of Pineview Reservoir.

Goals and principles to create the park system we want…

Goal one is to balance the expansion of recreation areas and facilities with overused and saturated resources to maintain a high quality recreation experience, applying the principles of (1) Proactively partner with the U.S. Forest Service and other stakeholders to help manage Pineview Reservoir and other Forest Service recreational facilities. Specific issues include parking problems near popular beach areas, public access to the waters and beaches, lack of facilities including adequate restrooms and solid waste disposal and collection, and lack of general management of operations and maintenance of overflow facilities, (2) pursue adequate recreation facility improvements and will support local parks and recreation districts, organizations, and groups in their efforts to expand recreation areas and facilities, and (3) pursue parking solutions along roadways throughout the Valley to provide adequate parking facilities necessary for safer roadways, to limit traffic conflicts, and to enhance access to recreation destinations.

Goal two is to pursue Valley recreation expansion by working with resort developers, applying the principle of continuing to pursue recreational development opportunities with existing and future recreation resorts in the Ogden Valley planning area, subject to the provision the Land Use Principle In general, additional density should not be authorized in the Ogden Valley planning area above that allowed by current zoning. Minimal density bonuses (the exact amount to be determined by ordinance, master plan, development agreement, etc.) should only be allowed when they are granted to incentivize significant contribution to the advancement of the goals and principles found in this plan. Future resort development should broaden the array of outdoor recreation opportunities available to both residents and visitors.

Goal three is to develop a context appropriate Valley-wide pathway and trail network with pathways that connect individual neighborhoods or subdivisions to the greater active transportation and non-motorized recreational trail network, applying principle of pursuing adequate recreational trail improvements in the Valley. The County may consider supporting local organizations and groups in their efforts to expand, manage, and maintain trail and trailhead facilities necessary to provide adequate levels of service for the increasing demand.