Land Use

Ogden Valley LAND USE (chapter 3)

Vision: We want a place where land uses support healthy physical, social, and economic interactions. And we state that Land uses should complement, not overwhelm or compete with, the rural character of the Valley (as defined above).

Goals and principles to so development doesn’t overwhelm…

Goal one is to reduce the overall amount and impact of future land development in the Ogden Valley planning area, applying principles (1) In general, additional density should not be authorized in the Ogden Valley planning area above that allowed by current zoning. Minimal density bonuses (the exact amount to be determined by ordinance, master plan, development agreement, etc.) should only be allowed when they are granted to incentivize significant contribution to the advancement of the goals and principles found in this plan, (2) To the extent allowed by law, development should not occur on sensitive areas including steep slopes, wetlands, floodplains, areas of geological instability, prominent ridgelines, wildlife habitat and corridors, natural riparian areas and natural waterways, (3) Encourage and promote a voluntary reduction in overall development units in the Ogden Valley planning area by such measures as conservation easements, donations of development rights, voluntary downzoning, purchases of development rights, and land purchases, (4) Employ mechanisms such as TDRs to reallocate existing authorized development units from less suitable to more suitable locations, and (5) Encourage new development to locate in areas where water and sewer service could be provided by a sewer system. Encourage clustered residential developments with smaller building lots and larger areas of open space for most subdivisions.

Goal two is to support continued agricultural operations in Ogden Valley following principles of (1) Buffer agricultural land uses from new residential uses in Agricultural Protection and Open Space Overlay Zone areas, (2) Protect the function of and maintenance access to irrigation ditches, head-gates and other agricultural irrigation infrastructure, and (3) Enforce required noxious weed control on all properties in the Valley, with specific emphasis on areas disturbed by development.