Vision: We want a variety of housing types to meet the needs of a diverse population of various income levels, ages and stages of life. We want neighborhoods with convenient access to community amenities, designed in a manner that protects the Valley’s character. And we want residential development to be centered around villages and town centers, designed to provide open spaces and efficient uses of the land.

Goals and principles to create a variety of housing types…

Goal one is to provide housing choices in neighborhoods that will allow residents with a variety of incomes and at different stages of life to live here, applying principles of (1) Encourage residential development projects to incorporate a mix of housing sizes, types, and prices and (2) Manage accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to allow for affordable housing opportunities without increasing the overall impact of residential development in Ogden Valley. Require one development unit for each authorized ADU.

Goal two is to pursue additional programs that better capture property tax obligations for properties, applying the principle  of ensuring that all properties in Ogden Valley are taxed at their legal taxable value.

Goal three is to protect air quality in the Ogden Valley study area, applying the principle of encouraging new residential development to employ energy and sustainability standards that reduce energy demand for heating and cooling and result in fewer air emissions.

Goal four is to support affordable homeownership and rental housing opportunities in Ogden Valley, and maintain the quality of existing single-family housing stock, applying principles of (1) Facilitate a mix of housing types in new construction in keeping with neighborhood design standards and community sustainability, (2) Maintain the quality of existing single-family housing stock in Ogden Valley, and (3) Track land use and housing and the transition of land uses in Ogden Valley.