Community Character

Ogden Valley COMMUNITY CHARACTER (chapter 2)

Our Vision: We want physical development to complement, not overwhelm or compete with, the rural character of our Valley and we define what rural character means: It is open fields, agricultural lands, stands of trees, peace and quiet, dark skies, clean air and water, abundant wildlife, small villages and long views of the surrounding foothills and mountain background. The county agrees to promote and encourage unique and functional design in new developments, public spaces, and streetscapes to create a visible character distinct to Ogden Valley that enhances the Valley’s character.

Goals and principles to preserve our rural character…

Goal one is to create and protect attractive gateways to the Valley that promote our community character, applying a principle of minimizing and discouraging visually prominent development at gateways to Ogden Valley.

Goal two is to protect the Valley’s sense of openness and rural character, applying three principles: (1) encouraging the preservation and maintenance of significant trees, shrubs, and other natural vegetation in riparian and other natural areas, (2) encouraging creative development designs that preserve natural, agricultural, and other open spaces, including clustered and mixed-use developments, and (3) encouraging context-appropriate wayfinding and educational signage and art in public spaces throughout the Valley.

Goal three is to protect key viewsheds throughout the Valley, applying principles of (1) protecting viewsheds throughout the Valley including views of the mountains and Pineview Reservoir, and (2) avoiding visually prominent structures, hillside cuts, and vegetation removal that alter the visual quality of the Valley’s viewsheds, ensuring that all development minimizes site disturbance and lot coverage and requires effective site restoration, revegetation, and weed control.

Goal four is to protect the Valley’s air and water quality, applying the principle of promoting energy-efficient & sustainable development practices to improve and protect air and water quality.

Goal five is to protect the night sky in order to preserve the Valley’s rural character and heritage, following principles of (1) encouraging programs for residential and agricultural dark-sky-lighting compliance, and (2) promoting the accreditation of North Fork Park as the world’s 21st International Dark Sky Park, and encourage astro-, agri-, and ecotourism development. 

Goal six is to develop Ogden Canyon in harmony with existing residents and to protect the historical, natural, and recreational resources in Ogden Canyon, following principles (1) in harmony with existing residential uses, supporting the development and improvement of recreational amenities in Ogden Canyon, such as trails, hiking and climbing routes, access to the Ogden River, and public facilities like restrooms and picnic areas, and (2) protecting the unique historical, geological, and recreational features of Ogden Canyon and specifically to protect the free flowing nature of the Ogden River and its channel and riparian areas.

Goal seven is to preserve, promote, and enhance Ogden Valley’s authenticity, history, and heritage, applying the principle of pursuing opportunities that support the preservation of Ogden Valley’s history and heritage.