The first Ogden Valley General Plan was adopted by Weber County in 1998, the “Recreation Element” was adopted in 2006, and the new General Plan was updated in 2016 and includes the Recreation Element.

The Recreation Element of the General Plan paints our vision as a resort community…

  • We want to become a premiere resort community of hamlets and open space that competes favorably with resort areas like Stowe, Telluride, Aspen and Sun Valley.
  • We want development to create a differentiated alternative to Park City and Summit County as a place to live and recreate.
  • We want properly planned development to be a significant contributor to Weber County’s economy and tax base by attracting visitors, second home buyers and quality recreational resorts.
  • We want several high quality resorts located around a valley with protected natural amenities, rural atmosphere and open space to provide us with competitive advantage.

The new General Plan (2016) clarifies the vision on several dimensions… (each is a chapter in the General Plan)

We intend to preserve the rural character of our Valley, defined by open fields, agricultural lands, stands of trees, peace and quiet, dark skies, clean air and water, abundant wildlife, small villages, Pineview, historic Ogden Canyon, and long views of the surrounding foothills and mountain background. We want  development to complement, not overwhelm or compete with, our rural character. We want unique and functional design in new developments, public spaces, and streetscapes to create a visible character distinct to the Valley that enhances the Valley’s character.

[Link to Manifesto 2.0, a notice to the developers of Nordic Valley that we do not want a resort that will overwhelm us]

We want a place where land uses support healthy physical, social, and economic interactions. However, we also want land uses to complement, not overwhelm or compete with, our rural character.

We want a variety of housing types to meet the needs of various income levels, ages and stages of life. We want our neighborhoods to have convenient access to community amenities and designed in a manner that protects our rural character. We want residential development centered around villages and town centers, designed to provide open spaces and efficient uses of the land.

We want sustainable and thriving local businesses, including businesses that capitalizes on recreational tourism. We want new commercial development focused in and near existing commercial areas and resorts and we want them designed to be compatible with the our rural character.

We want a transportation system that enhances mobility, reduces congestion, and supports clean air without disturbing existing land uses. We want our on system to have an active transportation component that connects and enhances bike and pedestrian facilities throughout the region.

We want utilities and public services that adequately provide for the current and long-term needs of the community. We expect Weber County and other governmental agencies to provide infrastructure and services to support local roads and streets, paths and trails, and schools and parks.

We want a park system that can host a variety of recreational and educational opportunities for all ages. We want a trail network that cohesively connects parks to other recreational, educational, or commercial areas. And we want facilities that preserve of natural resources and public lands, especially National Forest lands that include Pineview Reservoir and our mountain tops and ridges.

And we want  responsible and sustainable growth while conserving the natural and social character of our Valley. With this vision we expect Weber County to shape the Valley’s future by preserving rural character, promoting sustainability, supporting agriculture, wildlife, habitat, and scenic vistas, and recognizing the importance of management of public lands.

This link will take you to the county website where all official plans for Ogden Valley are housed. Here direct links to several:

[Link to background on the 2016 General Planning process]