Ogden Valley Inc

Ogden Valley Inc inevitable?

During the process of working through our new Park District with John Bond, County Assessor, John told us that we will likely see the need to incorporate all or some of the Valley in the next decade or so (2016). This big question will be “Can we afford it?”.

Ogden Valley revenues and expenses for general county services

In the December 1, 2015 Planning Commission meeting the chair said something like “Ogden Valley is pretty heavily subsidized by the rest of the unincorporated county”, which was contested by Commissioner Stephen Waldrip.

Commission Waldrip referred to an analysis done by Zion’s Bank Public Finance unit in June, 2015 which concludes the county spends about 9% more on providing services to Ogden Valley than it gets in revenue from taxes, etc. Here is a link to the report: Fiscal Impact Write-Up062215 (2).

However, the analysis may be flawed in both estimates of revenues and expenditures (lower revenues and higher expenditures). One day we may want to incorporate the Valley as a town and we need a balance of revenues and expenditures to do it without raising taxes.