Weber County Planning

The Ogden Valley Planning Commission (OVPC) meets regularly at 5 pm in the County Building on the 4th Tuesday of the month and sometimes on 2nd Tuesday for workshops.

OVPC  members are appointed by the Weber County Commissioners and they are a recommending body only. Everything OVPC does of substance is subject to approval of the County Commissioners.

The work of OVPC falls into two categories:

  1. Based ONLY on county Land Use Code, OVPC approves or denies administrative proposals from landowners(for example, a landowner wants a conditional use permit). Landowners can appeal denials to Weber County Commission. For better or worse, legally OVPC can only apply criteria enshrined in our Land Use Code. The only chance the public has to affect the outcome is to insist that OVPC follow the Code in both intent and detail. Indeed, public outrage or support is irrelevant to the process; the petition must be approved or denied based on meeting minimum standards in the code.
  2. OVPC can also recommend changes in the Land Use Code to the County Commission. Changes to the code are considered legislative actions by OVPC and invite wide-scale public participation in the debate to change. Note that any changes in current zoning are legislative.

The only way for Valley residents to affect how development occurs is to work for legislative changes to the Land Use Code that will preserve what we like about the Valley as best we can. When public outrage occurs about a particular project, its source is always a weakness in our Land Use Code.

Here are some helpful links to Weber County Planning:

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