Ogden Valley Water

Ogden Valley water rights are complex and probably exceed the water available. There are over 50 culinary water companies in the Valley and many more irrigation companies. All of the cities to the west of us depend on the Ogden drainage, including Huntsville town. And any major developments will either create new water companies or buy water from others.

Link to Standard Examiner article Weber County commissioners OK upper valley water study, May 6, 2015

Link to Standard Examiner article Report: Utah relying on faulty data on water use, shortages, May 6, 2015

Water 2050 – a whitepaper written by the Utah Foundation warning of a bleak water future ahead for Utah

Water and Ordinances 2013 – a presentation about water done for new GEM folk by Ron Gleason

Water Availability Letter-Eden – a sample letter of what is required by large developments to verify they have water. Note that this letter was for an area by Huntsville to be served by Eden Water, a good example of water flowing towards money.

A 2014  tree-ring study tells us the Bear River drainage is in a wet period relative to the 1200 year history the rings describe.