Pineview Reservior

The management plan for Pineview Reservoir

Pineview reservoir is being developed and managed consistent with a US Forest Service plan put together in the late 1990’s.  The author, Rick Vallejos, retired from the USFS in 2015.

The reservoir and its banks and beaches are public land owned by the Forest and have been managed under contract by private management firms. In 2017 various management and use issues led to the creation of the “Pineview Committee”, a group of residents, users and government officials committed to balancing reservoir uses with resident concerns.

The documents on this page are what we have on the management and development plan for Pineview.

Pineview Plan chapter 1Pineview Plan chapter 2Pineview plan chapter 3Pineview plan Chapter 4Pineview Plan chapter 5

alts – a one-page summary of the alternatives.

Maps of the alternatives: ALT1 – no change, Alt2 – combination of alternatives 2 & 3, ALT3 – emphasis on recreation, ALT4 – emphasis on preservation.

app_a – response to public comments about the plan

dn – decision notice about the plan


Pineview TDML study (2002)

Pineview Reservoir TMDL Study (large file), 

Appendix A (The Project Implementation Plan) (read first)

2010 Pineview Reservoir Bathymetric Final Report