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Ogden Valley revenues and expenses for general county services

In the December 1, 2015 Planning Commission meeting the chair said something like “Ogden Valley is pretty heavily subsidized by the rest of the unincorporated county”, which was contested by Commissioner Stephen Waldrip.

Commission Waldrip referred to an analysis done by Zion’s Bank Public Finance unit in June, 2015 which concludes the county spends about 9% more on providing services to Ogden Valley than it gets in revenue from taxes, etc. Here is a link to the report: Fiscal Impact Write-Up062215 (2).

However, the analysis may be flawed in both estimates of revenues and expenditures (lower revenues and higher expenditures). One day we may want to incorporate the Valley as a town and we need a balance of revenues and expenditures to do it without raising taxes.

Transportation – UDOT’s 25 year plan

Link to Standard Examiner article Road projects revealed by UDOT for next 25 years, August 14, 2015

Link to details of a project to expand SR 158 Pineview dam to Eden to four lanes. Phase 2.

Link to details of a project to expand SR-39 MP 8.6 to MP 21.9 an additional lane in each direction, (Wasatch National Forest Boundary to 9900 E (Huntsville)). Phase 4. Note this project would cost half a billion dollars and affect 505 private property parcels.

Link to details of a project to create a full interchange at the I84/Mountain Green exit. Phase 4.

Link to details of a project to expand SR 167 from the Mountain Green I84 interchange to Trappers Loop an additional lane in each direction. Phase 3.

Link to details of a project to expand SR 167 (Trappers Loop) an additional lane in each direction. Phase 4.

Air Quality

Link to Standard Examiner article Health board clouds inquiry into diesel emissions testing, May 9, 2015

Diesel Information – particulate pollution. Presentation from the Weber Morgan Health Dept, April, 2015

2014 authorization of health dept air quality advisory committee

Air Quality in Ogden Valley 8-12-14 – a summary of the first air quality test in the Valley

 2012 Utah Ozone study for the Wasatch Back

Changing Population and Demographics

What the US census tells us 8-5-14

2014 population and housing units study by Charles Ewert, county planning office

County funding of large development projects

The Weber County commissioners have used their financing authority to encourage economic development in the Valley. In 2013 the county agreed to back the Summit Group at Powder Mountain and these documents illustrate and explain how the developers and commissioners think about public financing.

Finance- Summit_CDA_Presentation_10.15.2013

Recently Cathy McKitrick’s article Summit’s special assessment bond carries benefits and risks does an excellent job of explaining public bond financing for the Powder Mountain project (5/30/2015)

Dark Skies

In 2013 some GEM members took on the initiative of promoting dark skies in the Valley. Our planning ordinances place restrictions on commercial signs and lighting. The Starry Nights organization is working with the county to preserve our dark skies.

Ogden Valley General Plan – link to separate page

Legal framework for Conditional Use permitting

Requests for conditional uses are perhaps the most divisive of county processes involving planning. Some uses are expected to have some negative impacts on neighbors, the community or the general plan and have been categorized as “conditional” uses. Landowners can get a conditional use of the planning commission finds that negative impacts have been mitigated.

County attorney counsel on Conditional Use Permits. This is a slide deck used by the county attorney to educate the planning commission January, 2015.

GEM Conditional Uses whitepaper 12-23-14. This is a whitepaper developed by GEM members that summarizes state and county code related to conditional uses. It was intended to prod the county attorney to opine.

Permitted and conditional uses in Ogden Valley zones. This is a summary of all permitted and conditional uses in the residential zones as of summer 2014.

Planning websites

Link to the Ogden Valley Forum blog, a website dedicated to responsible development in the Valley.

Parks and Recreation

Ogden Valley Parks and Recreation –  Report and Recommendations 2009February 2009 (Cover Letter)

Pineview Reservoir  – link to separate page

Sewer in the Valley – link to separate page

New Member Workshop Documents

GEM Workshop Intro 7-29-13b
GEM Workshop Recreation Element Plan 7-29-2013
GEM Workshop Density and the General Plan 7-29-2013
GEM Workshop 07-29 Sewer
GEM Workshop Zoning-Pineview-2030
GEM Workshop Recreation Study 7-29-2013
GEM Workshop Wrapup

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) – link to separate page